As a an internationally traded commodity, most cotton supply chains are complex and have many steps between the farmer, who grows the cotton, and the retailer who sells you your clothes. Typically, the growing, transporting, processing and making of cotton garments involve numerous companies and middlemen, often with the use of sub-contractors, agents and trading between anonymous parties.

Our supply chain is different. We have chosen to use a much more transparent supply chain involving just two major suppliers and the use of third party suppliers for the elements like the elastic and thread.


Chetna Organics was launched in 2004 with the aim of improving the livelihood of cotton farmers throughout central India through the promotion of organic farming and the introduction of the Fairtrade cotton system. Chetna now assists over 15,000 farmers improve farm productivity, promote food security, get better prices for their crops and invest in health, education and business infrastructure within their communities.

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Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills

Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills (RCM) is a dedicated organic and fairtrade cotton textile producer based in Kolkata India. Family owned and operated, RCM invests heavily in ensuring that the environmental impact of production is minimised and that their workforce is well supported. RCM produces a wide range of cotton textile products to global brands across Europe, the US and Australia/NZ.

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