How to use this table

Measuring underwear can be tricky because, unlike other bits of clothing, there is a lot of stretch there, and we want it to fit snugly to our bodies (and not too tight!).

Confused about what size you should order? Follow our fabulous fool proof method and you will wonder no longer!

Step 1: Find a pair of existing undies that roughly match the pair you want to purchase (i.e want the ‘granny’….find an existing pair in your wardrobe that most closely resembles a ‘cover all’ style.

Step 2: Lay your old knickers flat on a table — but don’t stretch it out.

Step 3: Take a ruler or tape measure and measure along the top of the elastic band, in its relaxed state (see image below).In techo garment making world we call this the “relaxed 1/2 waist” (who knew?!?). Make a note of the measurement.

Step 4: Compare your measurement to our tables below and order the size that best matches your waist measurement . If you fall between sizes, order up if the rest of you is more rounded and order down if you are more of an angles type of person. Note that all the sizes on our website are displayed in Australian sizes only.

Step 5: Place your order and enjoy the knowledge that you are helping to make the fashion world more ethical, sustainable and fair! Thank you.

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