We all know about the problem of climate change and the urgent need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

(and if you don’t, where have you been… oh… okay… check this out).

Although some of our supply chain uses renewable energy, and organic cotton farming boosts the ability of the soil to retain carbon, it is inevitable that the production of our undies will result in some unwanted carbon emissions — for example through transport of our undies from India to you.

In response, we have matched up each pair of underwear with an internationally certified carbon emissions offset. In essence, this means that for each pair sold we have contributed some money towards another project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions on our behalf.

Our offsets are purchased through a company called SouthPole, who in turn, has developed a range of carbon reduction projects around the world.


Our carbon credits are only purchased from projects that comply with the Gold Standard Emissions  Offset Standard — which is considered the world’s most ethical, reliable and trustworthy emissions offset program. More information about the source projects for our carbon offsets can be found here.

Carbon offsets are an imperfect answer to reducing emissions — it would be better if we avoided emitting in the first place. Ideally, carbon offsets should also cover all the emissions released in a supply chain, and, like our GOTS and FLO certifications, be verified by an independent third party so that our products become certified carbon neutral.

But the world isn’t perfect, and as a small start up company, we just don’t have the resources to ensure that our supply chain can be assessed and certified as carbon neutral.

So we decided not to let the ‘perfect’ get in the way of the ‘good’. Instead we decided to purchase 1kg of carbon emission abatement for every underwear sold.

It doesn’t make us ‘carbon neutral’ and it may seem like a small thing — but that is what the solution to our climate crisis will be made of, millions of small things (and big things) done every day by millions of people, right across the world.

We think it is a Mighty Good step in the right direction and we look forward to day when we are big enough to really address all the emissions in our supply chain.

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